Positive CV, or PCV, is a curriculum vitae of a broad range of skills that helps a child to learn to recognise their various abilities. Evidence of skills used in different environments, such as at school, at home, within hobbies, and among groups of friends, is saved on the PCV. The PCV is shaped according to the child’s own needs, and grows into youth along with the child, starting from kindergarten.

None of us develops into our best solely by having our weaknesses corrected. Making an issue of people’s shortcomings is easy. Concentrating on what is good, on what works, requires a change in our way of thinking and a functioning tool. Space must be created for appreciation.

The PCV promotes children being noticed in a positive way wherever they are. The child will be seen through their strengths, and they themselves learn to view others from the viewpoint of skills. The PCV is a newcomer in the field of evaluation, a tool needed alongside traditional report cards that sketches a diverse picture of the best of everyone. The PCV can initially be a notebook or a poster, but finally, however, an electronic platform. It is designed together with children themselves, to serve them in particular.

Appreciation with open arms

What is Positive CV?

Positive CV is a versatile platform, a curriculum vitae of a broad range of skills, with which children and adolescents learn to recognise and document their abilities and strengths together with those closest to them.

Support group

Anyone can give feedback on the PCV. In this way, the child will be surrounded by a support group. Positive observations from various directions form a reserve of information to raise self-esteem and self-knowledge. The child can combine and group the feedback they have received according to their needs, in line with the way they want to present themselves in different situations. Recognising different skills promotes equity and the emergence of hidden abilities.

The backing given by the support group gives a child the confidence to view themself as someone able and capable of many things.

Target group

The PCV is aimed primarily for the use of kindergartens and schools, and to serve co-operation between the various agents in a child’s life. Everyone benefits from collecting information on an easy-to-use platform. However, this helps the children for whom positive feedback is not something to be taken for granted the most. The significance of the PCV is heightened during transition periods, such as when the child starts school, moves from elementary to secondary school, and when comprehensive school finishes. Only a few kids recognise their own strengths or the skills necessary in the working life. The PCV can act as a guide both when moving on to start one’s career, and more broadly, in finding one’s place in the world.

What does the world need?

Of the skills necessary in the future, we know primarily that character skills such as persistence, courage, and compassion, as well as self-regulation and coping with stress are becoming more and more important. Broad-mindedness, the ability to consider different points of view, and warmth of heart will be needed regardless of one’s career. All these afore-mentioned skills can and must be taught. Giving positive feedback for their demonstration must also be possible. The PCV has been designed for this. Making a record of the development of one’s skills and the possibility of going back to moments of success is in itself empowering, and strengthens mental well-being.

To Finland and elsewhere

Our first goal is to give the PCV to every Finnish comprehensive school, for the use of every student. The PCV does not require a lengthy running-in period or extensive training for teachers. A short familiarisation gets one started. This happens both through PCV agents and by using online materials. PCV agents are not only local professionals in early childhood education, teachers, and teacher educators, but also and in particular the children themselves. The children’s own agency in developing and using the PCV is the key to success.

From the start, the PCV will also be aimed at the international market. The PCV is a product of Finnish education that functions independently from our historical educational framework. The PCV does not require an educational path founded on Agricola’s principles, but serves and respects different cultures and educational traditions. The PCV is always shaped by its user and environment.

Where are we at now?

The PCV is being developed in collaboration with professionals in early childhood education, teachers, and Finnish universities providing teacher education. In autumn 2017, the PCV will be piloted in three comprehensive schools. Student agents will be recruited to brainstorm the tool and spread information about it. The first test version of the electronic PCV platform will be ready during 2018.

The PCV is developed based fully on research, and the results will be followed in a controlled manner. Progress will be reported both in professional and in scientific publications.

OUR TEAM, forerunners in positive education

Kaisa Vuorinen

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Foreign-language teacher, solution-oriented future doctor. Rides with her whole family. Also maker of pancakes on an iron griddle.

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Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara

Teacher educator, docent of a more beautiful world. Runs slowly and far. Plays many kinds of ball games.

More information: uusitalomalmivaara.fi

Tom Eklöf

Positive CV’s positive CTO. Experienced coder and systems architecht who wants to use his powers for good.

“Many routes and ways to fall flat on your face, but also to go farther”

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